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    Hendrix left behind a wealth of music that continues to astonish; pivotal and exciting, previously unheard recordings are still being unearthed four decades later. Hendrix’s melodic, often elegant wrangling of feedback and distortion and his spiritual ambitions as a composer and producer – to make a music for new-world travel, fusing the sex and lament of electric blues with the spatial theater of the latest recording technology – were genuinely psychedelic yet remain vividly modern.

    Jimi Hendrix died 43 years ago today. Take a look at our 2010 cover story on the guitar god’s final months and lost recordings.

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    La Scala first-timer. Vittorio Grigolo is performing. #mfw


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    Ever wonder how your favorite celebs keep their famous figures? We did some digging and discovered these little-known Celebrity Fitness Secrets.

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    A bird’s eye view of Utrecht

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  6. well officially been living in Chicago for a week now and I couldn’t be happier, I was made for big city life :)

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    Happy Birthday, MCA

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    Sicily Summer (by uffy74)